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Welcome to the TrafficWave Universal Team Build!

If you’re interested in building a steady monthly income in the TrafficWave affiliate program, we can help you do just that. In fact, that’s our primary focus here. Our goal is to help all TrafficWave members build their respective network, grow their marketing list, and increase their monthly income.

We strongly believe that building a huge downline requires a team effort. I would argue that the majority of all TrafficWave affiliates will agree with me on that issue and is the main reason that you see so many TrafficWave teams promoting their links in the various traffic exchanges, mailers, and safe list sites. There are so many teams nowadays that I’ve lost count of them. There are a few big teams that have been around for many years now and there are also many lesser known teams that seem to pop up over night.

I used to be a member of the “biggest” team for a couple years, and although the team leader was doing great, most of us weren’t making any progress (or money) at all. I stopped promoting that team, but I never gave up on TrafficWave. The service that they provide is absolutely necessary to the success of my online business and the affiliate program is steadily providing a greater source of revenue for me.

I strongly believe that it takes TEAMWORK to succeed in the TrafficWave affiliate program and that is why I created the Universal Team Build web site. This site is designed to help all TrafficWave affiliates, but is primarily focused on helping those individuals that either joined TrafficWave without an active sponsor or that stopped promoting one of those TrafficWave teams that did not live up to its promises.

Of course, if you are not yet a member of TrafficWave, we would appreciate the opportunity to tell you about the TrafficWave autoresponder and link tracking services. We also believe that you will be instantly excited about the affiliate program once you see the awesome earning potential that it provides.

If you would like to know more about us and about the TrafficWave opportunity, please click the Register button above and come on in.

We have a lot to share with you!

I joined the TrafficWave Universal Team Build membership site as a way to expand my TrafficWave affiliate network. They provide lots of great tools for promoting my affiliate link, but get this – they also promote my links for me!

Yes – that’s right. They are helping me build my affiliate network and they have a great system in place.

They promote both my TrafficWave Universal Team Build downline while helping me build my TrafficWave downline. Sort of “killing two birds with one stone” as the old saying goes.

Whether you’re a relative newcomer to Internet marketing or a seasoned pro, I’m certain that you understand the importance of keeping in touch with your customers and contacts. It’s called e-mail marketing and is the most essential element of most every online business.

TrafficWave provides a first class autoresponder and link tracking service along with an exciting and profitable affiliate marketing program. Marketers around the globe are using this program to build a huge network of affiliates and earning a nice residual monthly income in the process.

There are a quite a few TrafficWave teams attracting a lot of attention these days, but far too many of them make unrealistic promises that they just can’t keep. I know, I used to be a member of a popular TW team, but it seemed that only the team leader and a few at the very top were making any real money and the rest of us weren’t making any money at all.

But I knew that I wanted to keep using the TrafficWave autoresponder. It’s a great service and is the back bone of my online business. I also know that there was a nice monthly income to be made if I stuck with the affiliate program. So I did.

But I also knew that I couldn’t do it alone. Did you know that it takes more than 88,000 affiliates to fill your entire down-line network? Good luck doing that all by yourself! But you don’t have to do it all yourself, you can work with us at the Universal Team Build and we’ll share the load. When we all work together, anything is possible!

So I want to invite you to join TrafficWave Universal Team Build today.

Go ahead and join for free. Check out the site and check out the system.I’m certain that you’ll see the beauty of this innovative and impressive way to build the TrafficWave affiliate network.

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